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Allele format proposal

I have attached the allele format proposal

Allele format proposal


Here is a link to his format specification

I have attached the minutes from the meeting at ASHI 2006-10-19

Minutes – 2006-10-19

I have attached the minutes from the meeting at NMDP prior to ASHI.

Minutes – 2007-10-08

Agenda for the meeting on 2008-04-01 in Toulouse:

HIEDFS Working Group Meeting Agenda

Date: Wednesday April 2, 2008 (2008-04-02)
Time: 0800 – 1145
Hotel Mercure Toulouse Atria Compans Caffarelli
Boulevard Lascrosses 8 Esplanade Compans Caffarelli 31000 TOULOUSE – FRANCE
Hotel code : 1585 – Tel : (+33)5/61110909 – Fax : (+33)5/61231412
Room: Canate

A continental breakfast (including coffee) will be provided.


1) Restate the goals/scope of the working group (All)
2) Update on typing kit/hit table specification (Maiers/Helmberg)
3) Update on reporting format specification (Maiers/Cano/Helmberg)
4) Update on reference sequence specification (Maiers/Robinson(abs.))
5) Creation of a public repository (e.g. SourceForge) (Culkin)
6) Any new topics; milestones; deliverables